I'm Skeptical And It Keeps Eating At Me That I Can't Figure It Out, Help?

I met an airman online. We started talking just as friends. We didn't instantly fall for each other but we did enjoy talking. One night we were talking and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I was excited and said yes but now I find myself questioning it. I'm puzzled that he is able to call almost every night. I'm new to the air force girlfriend thing but from reading other stories girls only get calls once in a while. What do I do? This is driving me insane!
Pinkprincess255 Pinkprincess255
2 Responses Feb 22, 2011

that's alot of what i'm going through, don't worry!! The reason why he is able to call you every night is probably because he's finished basic and already stationed somewhere. Like, my man did his basic back in August/September, then was sent to Wyoming in November. he is able to call me or skype me at least once a day. My guy John and I have known each other since we were little kids (that's us at halloween 13 yrs ago) but we actually haven't spent time face to face in person in 8yrs. Skype helps lessen the distance, but it doesn't make up for the little things that often get taken for granted. It will all work out for the best, airmen are the best types of men <3 if you ever need anything feel free to message me!

Congrats! It is definitely rewarding to be able to call an airman YOUR airman. Is he at basic training? I have never heard of anyone being able to call every in BMT haha.. so if he is, you are EXTREMELY lucky! Do you guys know in person, or have you just met online?