Deploying To Libya?

Yesterday when my Airman and I were texting he told me that they're probably going to be deploying to Libya very soon. I don't know how much you girls know about the situation going on in Libya right now but it is not a safe place to go at all at it's current state. They're expierencing government revolts, rebellion, protests; basically everything that is going on in Egypt right now. That's why our gas prices are rising so high! >:( But that's beside the point. Right now he's in tech school training to be in Security Forces so I'm really, really worried about him deploying anywhere, let alone to Libya! I just wanted to vent my feelings and see if any of your Airman have talked about this too. What have your Airman said about future deployments and duty stations?

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Aw man :/ Good luck with everything and I hope you return home safe. Thank you for your service!

I'm in security forces, I'll be leaving here in about a month, also in the 813th and we deployed alot in past years

All you young ladies should gang together and ask for the never deployed officers like the Squadron leaders and the Space missile people to be deployed before your men are! there are a lot of officers who have never seen a front-- who calim their strength just because they wear an unifrom and are in effect just abusing the uniform. I am hoping and praying that one officer who is being particularly mean and inconsiderate to me will be deployed NOW

whats your name? for facebook- and i HOPE that i can be as lucky as you for new york. kyle requested mcguire, and all the bases around nj- which part are you from?! haha sorry this is so scattered

@ginevra89: I hope more than anything the US can just stay out of this one and let them fight their own battles. There's no use in risking out men's lives! :( But yeah, my boyfriend told me that his job is one of the most deployed jobs in the Air Force. But you're right, we can do this :) And thank you so much, I appreciate that! Same goes for you; if you ever need someone to talk to. If you have Facebook you can find me on there too. I'm on there a lot more often than I am on here. Just message me and I'll give you my last name to search me. Good luck to you and your Airman through everything!

@lovejoyc: I'm in Jersey too! Luckily my boyfriend already knows where he will be stationed if he doesn't have to be deployed first thing out of Tech School. He'll be only a couple hours drive away from me up in New York. I was so grateful for that. He tells me the same too, that the tours are usually about 6 months at a time and happen very frequently. But the bright side is that however long they're deployed, they're definitely going to be home for that same amount of time. If not, longer! I have the SAME opinion on it as you do. Just let them be and fight their own battles. There's no need to send our men in there! We have enough problems going on right now. We don't need to start another war. And I'll most definitely be letting all of you girls know! If you have a Facebook you can add me too. We'll have more of a chance of keeping in touch on there, haha :)

@Brookiewooks: I know! Every time I turn on the news and grow more and more terrified of what I'm going to hear next. I'll definitely let you know :) Like I said, Facebook me!

The news about Libya everyday is scaring me too! This morning the news said if the US will invade, it's going to be by aircraft, so mostly air force :( And yes if you ladies hear anything from your guy or the news please post thanks :)

Just heard on the radio this morning that Europe thinks that the USA should stay out of Libya to not get a second Iraq. I hope that they will.

Tell me if you hear new stuff, please =)

my boyfriend is in tech school for security forces also. he was talking about how a LOT of them are based in wyoming, which is extremely far from new jersey where i am =( we still have 3 months to talk this out and find out everything because he JUST got into tech school last week. he also said they get deployed very often, like shorter 4-6 month tours but pretty much every year. we've never talked about where he could possibly be deployed to, but i am not surprised about libya. i personally think they should just let their own country figure it out, but thats only because i dont want my baby getting hurt. uk how that is =)

if he tells you anything else that is important, can you please let me know? kyle seems to let information go little bits at a time, and id rather know the whole picture and understand what i am getting into rather than know nothing.

Well my BF is in BMT right now and will be in security forces too. I know a lot about Libya actually because I live in Germany so it is pretty close to me and I heard that the US maybe want to go in there. I dont know if that would help to make the situation there any better...

My BF wants to get stationed in Germany but that means he will get deployed as well because thats what they do in Security Forces. Not too happy about that. But we can do that. I am here if you ever want to talk!

And don't complain about high gas prices, ours are way higher ;)