Luke Afb

Hey ladies,

Just a quick update and question for you. Jason graduated from Sheppard last week and is now settled in at Luke AFB in Arizona. After his time at Luke is up, he's done with training (besides OJT) and will be home for good! As much as he likes his training, I think we're both ready for him to be home..

So, does anyone know how mail at Luke AFB works? When Jase, left Sheppard they asked for a forwarding address. He told them he didn't know his mailbox number, they said put "general mail." He hasn't gotten his class number yet either. So do I just mail things to A1C Last name, Fist name..General Mail..Luke AFB?

Thanks for your help!
JasonsGirlAli JasonsGirlAli
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2011