So Stressed Out!

My bf is stationed in panama city fla! its spring brk and all he is doing is clubing and drinking! it makes me so mad and sad! I just have no idea what to do bc in tech school all he did was playing xbox! now its different! please give me so faith and advice!
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2011

Well, Im no expert on relationships, actually I've never had a girlfriend, but I love xbox but thats aside the point, assuming you cant go to him, which you shouldn't have to, he probably shouldnt be going to clubs if you're dating, but if he really loves you he should only be going to clubs with new or old friends, have trust in the relationship and just believe hes faithful enough to keep a great girl like you, sorry if that sounds wierd coming from a random guy, but assuming your a great girl:)