They Don't Understand.. What Do People Tell You?

People here just don't get it. My boyfriend leaves soon for the Air Force and all I here from people is...
"At least you have the summer" yeah thats all I have for a while.
"I know how you feel, my GF is going away for a month to visit family." Yeah well you can call, text and skype. Can I? NO! So you don't know how I feel. And it's one month as appose to numerous.
"I told my boyfriend not to join the military and I'd break up with him if I couldn't see him all the time." Well I didn't tell mine not to do something he wants and I support him even though it means he's not here all the time and I'm not happy 24/7.

Anyone else have any stories? I'd love to here what other people say...... Comment away 

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4 Responses Jun 16, 2011

haha YES completely! I'm so glad I found this site

Sorry so long but so true. <br />
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I mean its so rediculas. Do you break up with your boyfriend or imeditally get married when he goes to Walmart? No. So just think of it as a LONG, DANGEROUS, STRESSFUL trip to Walmart and mind your own business. <br />
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I mean sure its fine to ask questions about the military and whats our plan so far but again its the military you can't have too much of a plan because things could change in an instant like where someone is stationed. So, when things are not set in stone that doesn't mean things are bad for us it just means we are dealing with whats infront of us and taking it as we go. <br />
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Oh and don't try to put all your little incicurities about your boyfriend in my head. Just because you don't trust you man doesn't mean I can't trust mine. Depending on the person, joining can make you grow up fast and have you realize whats important. So don't say "Oh he's 18... He's going to cheat on you". Hmmm who's dating him? Me. So I think I know my man a little better then you. <br />
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One last comment I'd like to make to all who don't understand. Don't feel sorry for me because I wouldn't trade the passion, energetic attitude and willingness to serve my boyfriend has for his counrty for one minute. He has the drive to do what your man couldn't. UGH

A coworker of mine asked if I was going to tell him I want our relationship to be more of a dating, not-so-serious thing while he's gone! I couldn't believe it. Granted, we "dated" for several months before we became "official," but we're a little older, so we take relationships slower. But the fact of the matter is, is that we're together now and I would never imagine to play mind games with my boyfriend, a military man AT WAR! Like are you serious?!! I have way more respect for my boyfriend and the military. Still to this day, weeks after I told her about the deployment, she tells me how "nervous" she is for me and our relationship. Like mind your own business and keep your rude comments to yourself! Ugh!

Right before this deployment I had people asking "So are you just gonna break up with him when he leaves?" I said NO just cuz he's leaving doesn't mean our relationship is over! I love him so so so much! Also I got, so are you guys gonna get married then? as a follow up question. I was like not right now because we have bigger things to worry about like getting through this deployment and graduating college! Also, I got a lot of people who were like yeah I know how you feel by bf/gf has been gone for ___ and I miss them so much. Then I just suck up all my anger and pain and just say Yes I bet that is hard for you. And vent about it on here later lol!