I'm so scared of forgetting what it feels like to be with him. I am scared of forgetting what it feels like to have him hold me and kiss me.
I miss him so much!
I hate nights, they are the lonliest!
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i feel the same way...i was just thinking about this last night. I look at all the pictures of me and him and think about our time we spent together and it almost seems like it isnt real

Missing someone is always hard. Everything will come together when he gets home. I know someone who had her bf send one of his shirts that he'd slept in for a week to her. You could do that. Hopefully everything gets better. Hugs!!!

@bfrenchs I forgot what he smells like too :/ But I know when they come back we'll remember right away!<br />
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@bkenney You should still remember when basic is over! When my man and I did 2 months apart I still remembered what he was like. But now its been almost 3 months and I'm just starting to get really frustrated will all this. Mostly impatient waiting for him to come home.

i know how you feel my airman just left for basic on monday... <br />
in the back of my mind i keep thinking what if i forget how he was... i miss him soo much

I know exactly how you bed just seems too big and empty...I've started sleeping on the couch just so I can have something against my back...When I realized that I had forgotten what he smells like, I cried so hard...This is the hardest relationship i have ever been in, but he makes it worth it