Wishing We Were Official

These are the questions I keep getting from my friends when they ask me about my day on Sunday May 1st, 2011. "like the movies? everything you thought it would be?" to both of these questions, I answer with a big fat YES

That day made my bumpy streak disappear. It was one of the best days I've had in a really long time. That day, last Sunday, I finally met my pen pal in person. The day started out with me waking up after a long night of having fun with my friends after a rough time at work, LONG STORY, not talking about the bad here. I woke up around 10/11am which was nice. Then I took a shower and got ready, packed up my purse, and jumped in my car. I went to BK for lunch and they were out of almost everything but that didn't slow my day down I drove to Orlando to the MCO Airport. It only took me about 2 hours and I listened to some of my favorite Christian music and dubstep on the way there, what a combination...lol. Then I found the parking garage, got a ticket stub, and parked there. I called my mom and told her I got there safe, and walked to the elevator and went through the tunnel to the terminal. I walked through the tunnel to another elevator that had a big line in front of it. My pen pal called me and said "hey where are you???" I said, "I'm downstairs waiting on the elevator!" As soon as I said it the elevator finally came so I hung up. It seemed like the elevator took 10 years to get there.

That previous week I made about 4-5 different plans to see my pen pal that didn't work out. He planned to come to Tampa, I planned to go to Daytona, then he planned to come here, and I there and so on. It was a mess where we both were frustrated and upset and wanted to see each other. Finally I just said, I will go to the airport and see you there that plan finally worked. This moment was so crazy for me. I had been planning to see my pen pal for weeks and weeks and the plan kept falling through, I'd cry every time it didn't because I felt like I would never get to meet this special person, in person! (I met him through mutual friends on Skype). I was so afraid it would never happen, which built up this moment even more. Every time our plans fell through, I'd look past my tears into my mind and try to imagine what the first moment would be like when we met. What would it be like? Would I cry? Would we hug? What would happen???

Now back to reality...I was coming out of the car when I first realized my hands were shaking like crazy. I was almost frantic, but in a good and happy way. I tried to stop shaking...but it didn't work. I was so happy and my heart was thumping so loud, I couldn't stop, I couldn't calm myself. I had adrenaline and excitement pouring through my body. The elevator doors opened and I kept thinking to myself, DON'T RUN ALYSSA THIS IS AN AIRPORT. I couldn't help speeding up my steps, not enough to be a jog or a run but enough to see I had purpose in each one of my steps. I saw a large crowd when the doors opened. Lots of people with bags and carts and small children pointing, talking and running. It was almost like someone stepped on an ant pile and now I was in the middle of it all trying to find a very special needle which, appropriately, was "camouflaged" in a haystack. I started perking up on my tip toes trying to peer over the heads zooming past me when I finally got to see an empty area. I somehow knew he'd be there, it was weird. I walked faster then, looking over heads and past shoulders much taller than I. Finally, finally.

FINALLY. I saw the big guy in camouflage with the matching bag I had been dying to see forever. I put my hand to my mouth to cover my huge, EMBARRASSING smile, and I couldn't stop giggling. I saw his beautiful smile first, and then those crazy perfect eyes I had been dying to see in person. At that moment, it was just simply game over. Time to ****** this one and take him home, lol. I slowed my steps because the shaking only got worse when I finally saw him in the crowd. We greeted each other and hugged for what seemed to be an eternity. When I opened my eyes during the embrace I saw countless eyes staring me down. We walked over to a place to sit down, and just talked about how crazy I looked, shaking like a leaf. I can't really tell you exactly what our conversation consisted of but my memory sure kept this line in tact. I stood there shaking when he said "Jeez you're like the energizer bunny! I wonder what you're gonna do when I kiss you!!! I don't want ya to faint..." I giggled nervously and shook more of course...haha. The conversation dragged on happily, being interrupted everyone in awhile when I person would come up to shake his hand and give him their thanks for his service. We took a few pictures together, and I gave him a gift. The whole ordeal seemed too short, (Frankie is my penpal/airfoce boy's name) Frank's watch kept reminding us so at least. It came time to say goodbye.

I was afraid how this was going to go. I was scared. I packed about 20 napkins in my purse to take care of the imminent tears. I was still shaking when he hugged me again. He warned me what was about to happen and gave me three beautiful, perfect, soft, and perfect kisses. I stated proudly that I hadn't fainted and he smiled. He told me he loved me and then he walked away, I don't think we ever really said "goodbye" in particular. I followed behind him to the gate and watched him walk away, everyone still staring at us the whole time. I walked to the door and started to cry. I called my mom and she calmed me down. I dried my tears with those silly napkins in the ladies room, no one asked why I was crying...they all saw, and knew why. I walked back to my car and the texts between Frankie and I starting firing back and forth again, like we were always connected and didn't want to stop speaking just because of how hard it was to say "see you later".

Now it's been 2 months since then, and I'm flying up to visit him on base in 8 days. I am so excited!!! I will finally get to spend time with him in person for more than an hour, or more than a few minutes on Skype. Its been 3 months since we've met, and I've never been happier, yet sad, at one point in my life. Hopefully after a few more months, we can be "together" but I'm afraid since we've never spent a lot of time together in person and haven't known eachother for very long that he might never want to actually start a relationship with me...am I wrong to feel this way? Anyone else been here before???
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This is such a cute story!! I wish you the best of luck :) hope things turn out the way you want them to!

Thank you!!!