I Believe It Was Love At First Sight.....

I had just about given up on men and relationships, previous boyfriends treated me like garbage and walked all over me to guys who just tried using me for sex. I was dating this one guy on and off but he was beginning to be to get to busy for me, then on the 4th Of July i went with my Mother , Father, Aunt, Uncle and Little Brother to My Mom's and Aunt's friend's house for a BBQ, well while i was there the friend of my mother pulls me aside and starts showing me pictures of her eldest son Nathaniel, she said he's in the USAF and that he is looking for new friends that like to talk as much as he does.
So that night after i had gotten off work i went online and added him on Face book, almost instantly he accepted my friend request. i had said something stupid i was tired and not paying attention and the message i sent i had called him the wrong name (talk about being a dumb blond right? )
But he started talking to me and we began texting and talking on Face book for almost a week and he is stationed in Dyess Air Force base in Texas and had texted me "I'm In Town" He had gotten a 10 day leave.

              His mother hosted a BBQ for him being in town and I showed up and we started talking and we were practically attached at the hip, we went swimming in the pool and he kept trying to hold my hand and he wrapped his arms around me and held me against him. A few hours later we went on a walk around the neighborhood, and we had stopped for a second and he bent down and kissed me, the following days after that night we were in separable, i even had spent the night with him. I have developed such serious feelings for him that even barely knowing him previously and spending this time and will be spending the remaindering time with him until he goes back i want to wait for him, even though he leaves for Afghanistan in September and will be there for 6 months to a year, I want to wait for him, his contract isn't up for 4 more years either and I know it's going to be really hard on the both of us, but if i can stay strong for him and wait for him i know him and I can make things work in our Future i just need a little help and reassurance.
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My airman is also at Dyess Airforce ba<x>se. He is probably deploying in January to Qatar. He will be there for 6 months. I am trying to stay strong for him as well. We have both come out of hard relationships and came to find a peace within each other. if you need anything whether just to talk or whatever, message me. hope to hear from you.