Best Day Of My Life

I woke up this morning and my dad was in my living room. He never comes over unless I forgot to do something or he just wants to talk. I knew it was my anniversary with my boyfriend but i didnt know why my dad was there. He informed me that we had to go to the airport because a friend of his was flying in for a visit. I informed him i had to go to work. His reply was that he had already called work and that if i wanted to come in after we went to the airport i could but they had got someone else to fill in for me. Visitors isnt uncommon at my parents house. So the story was believable. We got to the airport and we waited for what felt like forever. My dad told me that I needed to watch terminal 3. So i did. Nothing. A plane landed and my dad told me it was the wrong plane. So i turned back around to face the other terminal. Then, someone wrapped their hands around me. I turned around to protest but i stopped dead in my tracks. He was there. With his arms around me. In a US airport. On US ground. I couldnt say anything. All i could do was kiss him. There was 6 other men in uniform there from different branches and one walked up and handed him the flowers he told them to hold and one other had a tiny box. With all the service men there and my daddy(the 1st love of my life), he got down on one knee and said  "I told you id come home, as I will do everytime. Be my wife and I shall be the happiest man alive even if i am a million miles away. Marry me?" and i said YES! I've never been so happy. And even though he is standing over my shoulder reading this and eating fruit loops, I hope he knows that with everyday that passes im only going to love him that much more <3
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I cried. Lol that is so cute!! I'm so happy for you and I wish y'all the best :)

So cute!!

That is the best story i've read in a long time! Hold onto that one. SO ROMANTIC!!

That is adorableeee!!!!!!!! Congrats to you and your airman!

Congrats! That's the best story I've heard in a long time. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes! Love this. So very happy for you both. God bless

Awwww that is sooo cute!! What a great proposal!! Congratulations!!

I teared up! Amazing story. Congratulations! Best of luck to the both of you!

Literally cried a bit. I love it. So lucky.

awwwwwww this was the cutest thing!<br />
im so happy for you two!<br />

OH MY GOSH THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!! :D I read that and got really realy excited, just because I'm a romantic and I love stories like those!!! I'm very happy for you, even though i don't know you, but that is one of the cutest, BEST surprise proposals EVER!!! I hope one day I will get to experience something as adorable and loving and romantic as that (: Congrats!!!! :D

thanks! we are happy. i cant wait!

oh gosh congraduations!! :D Im so happy for you! :)