I Missed His Phone Call!

he called me today and instead of being attached to my phone like i usually am, i was taking a shower. i missed his phone call. he left me a voicemail, and he didn’t sound at all like his normal self. he asked me to come to his graduation and that the only way i can come is if i still have my military id. luckily i do, so a huge thank you to my father serving in the marine corps for twenty three years. so, he asked me to go to his graduation.. i was hoping he would. i’m so glad i started saving money for it a month ago. i called his mother and told her he called me, and started crying again.. which made her start crying. she was so happy to hear from me, and she really wants to help me get down to san antonio for his graduation. i really hope this works out. i’ve stayed true to my word and have been writing him every day. i have 6 letters waiting to go.. just need his address.
i keep listening to the voicemail he left me. its so good hearing his voice.. especially at the end where he tells me he loves me. we are already in the second week of basic training.. i’m praying this time goes by fast. it feels like months since i’ve been with him.
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1 Response Oct 11, 2011

Sad you missed the phone call, but glad he left you a voicemail! Definitely keep writing him letters...they are very encouraging to the guys and keep them going. The time will soon speed up. I think the first 2 weeks were the hardest, then it got better after that. Just keep your head up girl! You can do this! My Fiance just graduated this last Friday, so it's fresh in my mind what you are going through. When I look back on it, it feels as though in many ways it seemed to last forever and in other ways it seemed to go by pretty quick.