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I want to go see my boyfriend for his graduation but Im not sure that ill financially have the money. I am really trying though! But I don't know much about how the whole graduation works, or how much it'll cost. I live in PA and I cant drive all the way to TX, so I wanted to fly but once I get to TX do I NEED a car? Is it possible to get a hotel close enough to walk to the graduation events or something? He graduates December 15-18 so by then i SHOULD have enough for a plane ticket and hotel but I cant rent a car since Im only 18. Also I wouldn't feel AS bad if his family was going to his graduation but since his parents don't talk to him they are not going to the graduation. So if i can not go to the graduation then he wont have anyone there and that breaks my heart. Please help me understand how the whole graduation works, plus if i NEED a car while im there. 322/045

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Oh. im sorry i wish I could help.

his parents arent going, they dont talk to him

Can you ride with his Family thats what I did. Just take money for room and food. Graduation is very special. Try and get a room on ba<x>se they are much cheeper. We stayed at the Airforce in.

actually if you look around, there are hotels that offer transportation to and from the ba<x>se! also there are ba<x>se taxis that are associated with lackland, i cant quit remember if they are allowed on or not, but if you get dropped off at the gate, then you can actually walk to all the events, you just have to make sure you get dropped off at the right gate! MAKE SURE YOUR BF SIGNS YOU UP FOR A ba<x>se PASS!! you are NOT allowed on the ba<x>se without it! i hope everything works out for you! the only problem is a taxi can get really expensive... best of luck :) graduation is such a wonderful experience

Flying will make it a better experience for you, but you really do need a car to get around, so if you can't rent a car, driving might be your best option. You should also run the figures to see if they add up to your budget - can you afford the hotel, flight, and taxis whenever you need to go somewhere? Another thing you need to consider is your car - would it be able to make the drive from PA to TX and back? The last thing you want to happen is to break down halfway there and miss the graduation. Just a few things to consider...hope this helps. :]<br />
PS - I recently moved across the country [literally, *lol*] so if you have any questions about driving a distance like that, feel free to message me.<br />
here in the comments I wrote some stuff about the graduation.<br />
And about a car. It is better to have one but you dont need one. The ba<x>se is just huge. Maybe you can call the reception center in Lackland if they allow taxis on ba<x>se. It would take a long time to walk and you probably want to spend time in the hotel when he gets off ba<x>se. But there are a few hotels really close by the ba<x>se where you can walk to the gates. Maybe you'll find someone who can give you a ride? I met a few really nice women on the Basic Military training page on facebook. You could give it a try. Eypecially when they have sons, husbands, boyfriends in the same flight they are really willing to help. Message me with any questions. I hope I could help!