I Cant Handle This

I need to talk to him. i miss him so much. i have talked to him at least once a week after he left but im too emotional to not talk to him. It doesnt help that i just found out that they are doing the beast this week. what the hell is that. no one will tell me. i want to talk to him so i can tell him that i will see him and he normally calls during the weekend but its almost over and im starting my job tomorrow. Now on top of just being worried about him and how he is doing im worried that he will call as im working. What am i to do then, I dont want to ignore the call. Its my Gar-bear. I only have one stamp left and im trying to save it for when i need to send a letter. Oh and on top of all that i think im still in love with my ex. AHHH i head hurts and i just want do cry.
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4 Responses Dec 4, 2011

Beast is just one big "test", they go out and camp and simulate war events and guard bunkers and do crazy **** like that lol justin loved it ha and most of them do probably because it's like reinacting a vido game haha but don worry he'll be fine, and you'll get a post beast call when he's back and he'll get all your letters when he's back.

Beast week is when they go out in the woods, it is basically camping. My boyfriend has been in BMT for 4 weeks now, i know how you feell. Sometimes i feel like breaking down too!

yes totally!

I totally know how you feel! I havent talked to my husband in over a week and others from his flight got to call but I got nothing. So i'm on the verge of breaking down alllll the time! It totally sucks. :( I'm really sorry youre going through this too. i dont think any woman should have to feel this much pain from being away from their loved ones. I reallt hope you get a call by the end of the night! Idk what beast week is so i'm sorry i couldnt help with that. Hang it there girl! My names jessie if you need anything! I feel so alone in this alot of the time too so dont be shy!

is there anyway i can get your cell number. when i get really depressed i just want to be in my room and i dont have a computer in there. My name is Savannah.