I Am In Love With An Airman And That Is All That Matters!!!

I really should probably be studying for school right now, but I can't stop thinking about my Airman, Andrew!!!  We have had so many ups & downs, but we love each other and that is all that matters.

We met during our freshman,  first semester of college.  I had moved from Utah to play soccer at Iowa Western Community College, and he was there playing football!  We had two classes together, intro. to business and accounting.  At first he would just glance back at me in Accounting and I would think in my head "who is this guy! and why does he always just look at me and not even smile!"  Little did I know he was being discrete because he thought I was cute and he was very shy haha.  I caught on about 5 weeks into the semester and decided to start talking to him and that opened all this doors for this shy, but loving boy!  We were together within a week of first talking to each other :-) and then roller coaster began...

He was always there for me and always loved me and I loved him sooo much, but I had promised a high school boy from home, who had left on a 2 year mission 10  months prior to meeting Andrew, that we would try things out and date once he was back from his service (which does not allow phonecalls or visitation and discourages girlfriends). That wasn't a bad decision, but that boy came home and we were completely different people and I knew instantly that Andrew was who I wanted.  Looking back now, I know I met Andrew for a reason.  It was hard to let go of this other person from my past and I should have done it sooner for mine and Andrew's sake.  So with no fault on Andrew's part (besides caring about me and loving me so much!) I was the reason for Andrew and I to break up and get back together around 5 times!!! I regret it with all my heart, but then again it has shaped us in so many good ways.  

He decided to join the Air Force and I had the opportunity to play (and am currently playing) college soccer for a D1 school.  Another positive is we were able to work on ourselves and figure out things on our own for a bit, and this has only made us realize how much we have influenced each other, how much we care about each other, and will do anything to be together again.

He is currently in Air Force Basic Training and I am going to his graduation over my spring break this March!! I cannot wait because I haven't seen him since I moved back to Utah in December.  He writes whenever he can and calls me during his limited phone call time, after he has talked to his family for a bit.  I have been writing and sending pictures and I am going to be the happiest girl in the world once I get to see him and and even happier when we can skype and communicate more often during tech school!!!!  I love my Airman!!

robbygirl32 robbygirl32
18-21, F
Feb 29, 2012