Did Anyone Elses Significant Other Leave For Boot Camp Within The Past Week?

Hi guys! I'm new here, My boyfriend left for BMT last Tuesday! I just got my first phone call tonight (talk about a very happy easter!) I was beyond thrilled to be able to hear his voice. He is graduating boot camp the first weekend in June and I am super excited to go. We have been together for 4 years now and we are childhood friends so this isn't the easiest thing to be away from him! Any advice in general would be great! But I was curious to see if anyone on here has someone that left the same time or around the same time as my boy!
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5 Responses Apr 8, 2012

My boyfriend left today for BMT, so they left kind of close together. We probably will be feeling the same, and waiting for letters together, good luck :)

Most definately. You can message me anytime.=)

Most definately. You can message me anytime.=)

Thank you so much! Yeah he has already almost been there a week and it feels like he left yesterday. Thank goodness! So my boyfriend and yours are a week apart! We could definitely use each other for support I'm sure :)

My boyfriend left for BMT March 27th so its kind of close. I got my first phone call last Thursday, I was all smiles for 2 days and well still kind of am. You just have to keep busy and time is actually flying by I think because of it.=)