Missing My Airman

Lets the countdown begin!!!!
19 Days until my Airman is back in my arms again. My boyfriend, Joe has been in the United States Air Force for 6 years & still going strong. He has done 3 tours over seas. Its hard to be a Girl Friend of a Soldier....Its a tough job. I wear my heart on my sleeve everyday. I remember when we 1st met, December 20th of 2011 but finally made it official on the 30th of December. Joe is my best friends brother, we are one amazing couple, we love dogs & kids. He's in the Air Force & Im joining the Air Force. Ill be joining when hes getting out. But no matter where Im stationed we'll always be together. Joe has 7 dogs & I have 3 so we make a wonderful pack, our first date consisted of bringing our dogs on a hike & then had a very nice dinner at Bucca Di Bepo's which in Italian means Joe's basement lol what a coinsidence. Then we went & saw the movies Authur Christmas & New Years both wonderful movies. He's been gone from me for almost 5 months & to know that he's coming back to me in 19 days is one of the best feelings ever. Even though he is only staying for 5 days it'll still be amazing to be back in his arms & feel his touch & soft kisses.
USAFVeteransGal1230 USAFVeteransGal1230
22-25, F
Apr 15, 2012