I Missed A Phone Call!

He has been getting to call on Sundays (in BMT), but he called today and I wasn't prepared.  I got to the phone just as the last ring ended.  I frantically called him back hoping he might be able to answer, but it didn't connect at first.  When I finally did get through, all he had time to say was "hello" and "I've got to go".  I heard him getting yelled at in the background, and I tried to spill out all the love in 3 seconds but I'm not sure he heard me.  He sounded sad.  I can't believe I missed the call.  I look forward to it every week! I will for sure keep my phone on me at all times no matter what day he "usually" calls on.

I feel awful right now because I know that he really looks forward to those calls, and so do I.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I just feel horrible.
sarput sarput
22-25, F
May 5, 2012