When Will It All Get Better....

hey guys! so my boyfriend graduated from BMT last weekend and is now in Tech School. I wasnt allowed to go to his graduation because my mom though it was inappropriate and wouldnt let me. Im 17 and still in high school. I really want to go see him at his Tech School for just a weekend so i can see him before he comes home in July.  My mom is totally against it saying that that's what adults do and its not the right time in my life to do that kind of thing. When he comes home for 12 days im only going to see him maybe 5 of those days because that week we are going on a family vacation. She wont let me skip out on the vacation either!! Also i still have my whole senior year and she told me that she wasnt going to let me travel to go see him. He has really high chance of getting deployed for a year or two :( and if he doesnt get deployed he wont be based anywhere near my state even. I want to see him as much as i can while i can because if he gets deployed i will have no way to see him at all. My mom keeps getting in the way of me seeing him though and i know she cares and all but she just says its a sacrifice i have to make if i want to be with someone in the military. and i know this sacrifice but shes not making it any easier by keeping me away from him!! She is always trying to hook me up with other guys too :( even though ive been with my boyfriend for 7 months! its all really hard to handle and i just dont know what to do to get it through her head to let me go see him in Texas!
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I am pretty much exactly where you are at here. My boyfriend leaves Tech School in July also, and I am still in High school. I have about a month left till I graduate though. I didn't go to his Basic graduation and I'm really hoping that my mom lets me go down to Texas for a weekend to see him. I have a little trip planned out for after I graduate with a few of my friends and Texas is a stop we are making, Even though its a full days drive... I just have to get my mom to Approve. I live in NY, but we found out my bf will be stationed in South Carolina so I will hopefully be moving in with him. My dad thinks I'm taking things too quickly- but my mom is happy for me. Its soo confusing. Either way, Im leaving when my boyfriend leaves. My mom wants to go on Vacation, too. She at least said that if Tony is back then he can come with us...but I don't really wanna waste my time stuck wherever we are.. I wanna go out and have fun, go on dates like we used to.. not be stuck with my family the whole time.<br />
I hope things work out okay..Try talking her into going to Texas to see him with you.. That will probably be my last resort. I hope you can go see him. :) All this time away is crazy!!

It is soo crazy!!!! i want to move in with him afteer high school to but my mom hates that thought cuz she is all about me getting my education her in illinois and i reallly dont care where i get it i just want to be with him ya know lol its confusing for me too! lol