My Confusion

i am a civil servant working outside my home town. i needed a wife that will keep me accompanied at all time. i mate a girl who had accepted my marriage  proposal. she is finishing a national diploma this year. we are to get married in december this year 2012 and she is going to the university for her 1st degree program in november this 2012. that means she would have been in the university before our wedding. should i go ahead with the marriage, i would be missing a constant companionship of my wife and i dont want to be lonely in marriage. pls advice me.
Gbarufuwangi Gbarufuwangi
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

i am engaged, i will get married, i am in college in a totally different country than my man is living in. and we wont live together our married live for like 1 or 2 years. if you cant even overcome a distance and time apart in your marriage than i would think about if this is the right step to do.

I'm very confused because your profile says you are male, and yet you write this story in the "I am a United States air force girlfriend."<br />
Do you love this women? It seems callous that you would propose marriage, and set the date, and now you are not sure because she won't be with you all the time. My advice is not to marry her...not for your sake...but for hers. Who would want to be married to someone who proposes, and then changes his mind because you may be separated for a while.

Uhh I think you're looking in the wrong place because a majority of these women don't live with their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends... so I mean if you don't want to do the distance (if it is a distance thing) or can't handle not being her center of attention.. then I wouldn't marry her.