Hello :) I used to be in this website all the time when my boyfriend was still in boot camp from December to February of 2010. By the way I'm 21 and my boyfriend is 22. My boyfriend is currently stationed in Fairfield, CA and I live and currently going to school here in Las vegas. We've been together for 3 years already and he wants us to get married next year before he gets deployed in Korea (he's not sure yet if he'll get deployed next year).  Yesterday he asked me about something he wants to do if it was okay with me.. He asked me if we could do a courthouse wedding this June, I was so surprised because we're not even engage yet. He has reasons tho.. One of his friends is moving out of their dorm and he wants to go with him and be his house mate because its so hard for them/him to save money while they're still on the dorm. He has been talking about moving out of the dorm for a long time now so he could save money for our future wedding but he couldn't do it because his not married and he only been stationed in cali for a year and half. I'm okay with what he told me but I'm currently studying here in las vegas and I have a financial aid. (grant) As you all know school is coming to an end and  I just filed my fafsa last week. I just wanna ask if I could still get a financial aid if i'll get married this june? I don't have a job and I'm still under my parent's roof. Also, do you guys think this is a dumb idea?
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Let me know how that goes for you! My story is I'm getting married this July but I too already filled out the fasfa under my parents because we aren't married yet but I think they told me I have to re-fill it out (after I'm married) and put all his information and income in there ( I will DEFINITELY get more money and opportunities) and then re-send it in. The likely hood of getting a lot for this school year is low because everyone else has already submitted theirs but it doesn't hurt. You have to make sure if you re-submit yours that you won't lose the grant you already have. You can get financial aid because you'll be married to him, doesn't matter where you live or whose paying for your college. Hope this helps!

You should be able to get financial aid even if you're married... However I think it's weird that he doesn't have any money living in the dorms, my boyfriend lives in the dorms and always has money.

he has money its just that he couldn't save more money..