Need To Rant To People That Will Understand

My boyfriend and I started dating my freshman year of high school, he was a junior, we dated on and off for the next two years. We had a huge falling out and didn't talk for 2 years. During those 2 years I didn't date anyone because I still had feelings for him or always compared them to him. Well he went off to basic, we still weren't talking, I learned from his sister on facebook. Well on the side bar of my facebook about a couple months ago his profile appeared. I added him and then we sorta fought about why now after all these years and what did I want. All I wanted at that point was to be friends. He had already completed basic and was now in tech school. He was having a real hard time and was afraid of being hurt again but so was I. We talked about the future and what we wanted to do and we ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend while he was gone (Is it just me or is that actually backwards?). While talking to him I learned that he had changed but it was for the better. The best part about all of it is that he graduated tech school two days before my birthday and made it home the day before my 18th birthday. My parents don't know we're dating, I havn't told them because I'm going to college this fall and I don't want to argue with them. I think my mom suspects though. Even she can see that he's changed, and it's for the better. When we dated in high school he wasn't a super sweet guy or very in-tune but now it's completely different, (example - We were texting, I had just got back from grand march cause I went to watch my friends, and I explained to him that I didn't like my prom, he told me we could dance when he came home. I was like ok whatever we don't have to. The first time I saw him after I got my hug, he held me and we danced. It was so sweet.) I'm so glad he's home for a couple weeks before he goes for more schooling. I've been reading some posts and the "I miss my boyfriend I don't see hi8m enough." I understand completely. I hadn't seen him for two years. Being a freshman at college next year will be hard because most of the girls will be complaining about mot seeing their boyfriends and I don't know when I'll see mine next. I just read a book called "Blood on my hands" it was a really good book but the main character in it was dating a guy that had gone into the national guard and was in training, and she broke up with him while he was away. That book was so hard for me to read because it told the emotions of both of them and I couldn't imagine doing that. Feels good to rant, but time to try to sleep, I get to hang out with him tomorrow morning before I leave for the weekend for college marching band tryouts, it feels so wrong to be leaving when hes home for only a short amount of time but it's something I need to do and he understands.
GoodmorningBeautiful94 GoodmorningBeautiful94
18-21, F
May 11, 2012