Wedding Ideas! Help!

Okay, so Kae and I were talking ideas for the wedding(Yes.....We're actually talking about a wedding. it's insane, right?) And we decided on a concert wedding with a paint party during the show. Like, after we exchange vows and rings and are married, everyone throws paint at each other and the crowd goes crazy, etc etc. Cause the wedding will be kinda small, I mean like 100 people...
So anyways. Here's where it gets complicated. Kae wants everyone to wear white so they're like a canvas. And I could dig that except...HEY, I'M THE BRIDE, I'M WEARING WHITE! WHAT'S THE DEAL??!? So, I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to maybe compromise, or make me stand out still, even though we'll all be wearing white. Let me know!
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They could wear black and you can get neon colored paints which would look awesome in a black light, Or you can still wear white and have them all wear like a light yellow or some plain light color (possibly the color(s) of your wedding) <br />
But all that sounds really fun! :)

I like the black idea, actually. :D That's really cool sounding.
I showed Kae this post, I wonder what he'll come up with.

everyone shouldn't have to wear white, you still need to stand out as a bride. everyone else could still wear a really light color, like a beige or a tan color, like an actual canvas

My mom suggested that we do the paint war before the ceremony, and I simply saran wrap my dress so that it doesn't get paint on it. :) So while everyone else's clothes are crazy and colorful, mine are all white!

I love that idea!! Or, you could not particapate in that part of the "party" &amp; you do it after the wedding. I think it would be awesome!!!

We'll figure it out :P