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& i don't know how to cope with him leaving.. im asking myself all these questions.. is he okay? did he get there safe? how long is it going to take to finally hear from him? i want all these answers i cant have.. he said time will fly and yes it will but i just cant seem to stop crying i want my boyfriend back.. i want a letter, a phone call something that tells me he's ok... i know its week zero for him but i just want to hear from him already.. its the first time in our 16 month relationship that we're away
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I am in your shoes. This is week 0 for my boyfriend. He called me the first night he arrived to tell me his mailing address. Has your boyfriend been able to write much?

yes, he's going into 6th week, he calls me every sunday.. it's gonna go by SUPER fast, i have 19 days to go

Yay! Has it gone by quick so far?

yes i have 18 days left :D i got a call today!! :] theyre 15 minutes long well 30 but he splits with my in laws.. the first 2 weeks they wont be able to write or call since they need to get used to the environment

I'm glad for you! :) I hope I feel as happy as you do soon. 18 days will fly by! Is he in Lackland, TX?

yes he's in lackland.. do you know his flight and squadron?? it's so exciting getting the first call or letter, they really pour their heart out to you.. on how much they love you and miss you lol thats nice to hear lol

Yeah his squadron is 323 and his flight is 538. I'm really looking forward to hearing him on the other end of the phone. I haven't received anything but an initial phone call with his is week 0 so I guess I shouldnt expect too much. Just wish these weeks would start flyin on by..

go to AF wingmoms on facebook and ask if anyones AB is in squadron 323 and flight 538 they have a specific page with girlfriends and wives from his squadron, i found so much support on there and became great friends with girlfriends and wives of the guys in my bfs squadron same exact everything lol trust me youll love it

Thank you!! :)!

did you find the group?? i hope it helps

Yes I did. It's such a great support group, I told my boyfriend's parents about it and now they are hooked too! We found out a lot of important information through the group . Thanks again for telling me about it!

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All those questions I thought of, too. My boyfriend is at Tech School currently, but I still have those crying breakdowns just because I miss being in his arms.. I miss feeling safe and secure with him.. I got a call within three or so weeks, and he called almost every week, always on a Sunday. Until his last week there, he called twice that week :) but it took about a month to get a letter. Of course, he had to "sneak" write it because he never could find time to write. He told me he even got in trouble for trying to write at night.. I hope you get a call soon :) those 3-20 minute phone calls are worth every second. :) Let me know if you need anything

i went through the exact same thing, i couldn't stop crying for the first few nights, but you just have to be patient, soon hel be able to call every week and it'll get easier cause you'll get a phone call that will get you through week by week. i'm still having a hard time myself and its been about 3 weeks :(

how long did it take you to get your first letter??

i just got mine today!! i got two, like i said earlier this is like his third week. he sent it on sunday so it takes about 5 days to get to me, i'm in maryland