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Recently, my boyfriend had told me that he had good news. But sadly, it was good news for him, not me. His class got moved up.. Before, we would talk early in the morning, and thankfully we had to leave at the same time for our classes. He would text me a few hours after I got out of school, and we would talk a lot at night... Now, his class is from 4:30pm to Midnight...which is 5:30pm to 1am my time..he can only talk to me while I'm at school, and a few hours afterwards, but then he's gotta go to class, then he texts me when he gets back to his dorm. Weekends we both have free, so I'm thankful for those. I'm thankful for every second we can actually talk.
I hate these breakdowns. I feel like it's not normal... we talk every day, and we are deeply in love-so should I have these breakdowns? I think its because he's not physically here with me anymore, and I hate feeling alone. That's all I ever feel anymore- Loneliness.
He wants me to take a trip down to Texas and stay in a hotel so we can hangout for a while on Weekends, which sounds really fun and I have a few friends that would go with me so I'm not alone when we aren't hanging out. We are planning on making it a "graduation trip". I still have to talk to my parents about it and I'm hoping that they let me...If not- then eh, I'll have one more month to wait. He is coming home towards the end of July, and I am looking forward to that. Not a moment will be wasted.
Have any of you had a tough time trying to figure out what you're going to do with your life??
I know- I am going to move to where Tony gets stationed. I want a job though so if anything were to happen- id be set (money-wise)
No, I'm not having my doubts, but I'm doing it to be cautious. Me and him have been talking about getting married and such but everyone's been saying "live with him for a while first!" the only thing is that my mom doesn't want me moving anywhere with him unless we are married... I want to marry him, but I want to make a good decision. I don't want to end up hurt or anything.
I've talked to a few of my teachers about this.. They support me and him and want us to be together and be happy and last. (These two teachers are like parents to me, they are soo sweet) But they said I should live with him before we get married. I'm thinking about talking to my mom about that..maybe she will understand. but my dad wants me to go to college...at least a two year college to get basics out of the way.
I'm just not sure what to do!!!
I take a Culinary class (the two teachers, are my Culinary teachers) Its almost like a college class.. if you're in this class then you're skilled and ready for work.. I've had a few job offers already, and I worked one place but recently stopped because the place was 'hells kitchen'. XD But the only thing is- I don't really wanna continue on with Culinary. I've realized it's not really what I want to do my whole life. I can't see myself doing it.
I graduate next month.. there are not even 14 days left of school and I'm getting more and more freaked out as time goes by quicker.
I need help..
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Just a little advice... First off you can't live with him unless you're married, unless you guys want to pay for your own housing. They won't give him housing money if he's not married. And I personally wouldn't suggest moving somewhere where you don't know anyone until y'all are married, otherwise you'll have to do a lot of things yourself. Also, I would go to Texas by myself! When I went to visit my boyfriend I was really glad that we had so much alone time and wouldn't have wanted friends there honestly. He'll he able to hang out all weekend and spend the night with you as long as he fills out a hotel form, there won't be any time where he won't be with you. You'll find yourself wishing your friends weren't there lol.

I totally understand having the break downs. It's not always easy being away from someone you love so much. And thinking about your future is incredibly difficult when you're in a military relationship because there are so many things you just can't know in advance. My best advice to you would be to find a way to follow your dreams while still being with him. I'm currently going to school to get my degree in Psychology and my bf is stationed about an hour away from me, which I know I am blessed to have him that close. I don't get to see him as often as I want but I'm busy living my life as well and the time goes by fast. As military gf yes we all have to make sacrifices but I've seen so many girls give up everything to follow their man and they then end up miserable and end up blaming it on their boyfriends/husbands. You've got to find a way to live your own life while being with him and that's not always easy, trust me I know lol Best of luck to you! And by all means feel free to message me if you want someone to talk to =]

Thank you :)

Hey! When my fiance was in Tech last year we, especially me, hit some really rough patches. But I was able to see him when he got back home after Tech and we spent time together and that made it better.<br />
He is at his first duty station right now. And I am more than an ocean away, he lives in North Dakota, I live in Germany. We only see each other every 3-4 months in person if we are lucky. At the moment he works 12 hour shifts but mostly works from 5am to 6pm his time. Thats 12pm to 5 am my time. So we maybe get to talk for 10 minutes those days. Soon they go back into 8s though where he works from 2pm to 10pm which works way better for us.<br />
I am in college and I have 5 years left. And he has 2-3 years left in the AF. So until then we will do long distance. Maybe we will marry before that but we dont know yet. Whenever I visit for 3-4 weeks then we live together and it always works good. So we know how it works. But its better to figure that all out. It can be difficult to live together. But for us its way easier to stay apart and it might just be like that. But just know that he is not allowed to live off ba<x>se unless he is an E4 or he is married. and you are only allowed to live on ba<x>se if you are married to an airman.<br />
To college, if you are married there is an AF college program for wives and maybe you find something that you like to do there. So you would make your dad happy and its always good to have a college degree. <br />
I hope I could help you a little. Just message me if you have any questions!

That did help a lot actually. I didn't know that there was an AF college program for wives. I'll have to check into that. I've been thinking a lot lately and I realize that I really do want to get married to him. I'm very lucky to have him. We'll see where it goes when he gets back from Tech School.

Thank you, so much! :)

I totally understand your dilemma! I am in a very similar situation! My boyfriend is on their midnight-8 a.m. shift and it really sucks :/ I also want to go to school before moving off wherever my guy goes....the whole heart vs. head thing has got me in a constant inner battle! If you EVER need someone to vent to, I'm your girl!