18 Days

So I havent updates for a little while. For those of you that read my last story, you saw the house that we 'had'. Well it ended up being a scam and it caused a lot of arguing between us. We decided to wait for a house on base to make it easier on us. We still have quite a while to wait, about 2 or 3 months give or take. But in 18 days my husband is coming home, the next day I graduate High School, then the day after we are having a going away party, then a few days later we are off to North Dakota. This man says that he has a surprise for me so he cant tell me when exactly we are leaving, this makes no sense to me but I guess ill just have to wait to find out. But we decided to stay in TLF as long as we can until we get a house on base. Once we get a house we will come back for all our furniture and my dog. I absolutely hate having to leave my dog but hopefully it wolnt take too long to get a house :) I just cant wait until he comes home, I havent seen him since the day after we got married. I cant wait to start living the married life! I miss my husband! :)
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good luck :D Text me sometime :D

Where in ND are you going? I hope you will get a house soon.

Grand Forks. Your s/o is in Minot correct? I hope we get a house soon too :)

ya, he is in minot. its a boring base and housing is hard to get i heard. but seems like grand forks is better =) i am sure all will work out!