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My boyfriend and i have been together for 5 months now and he just left to go to basic training this past Tuesdy! I'v never been more happy with anyone else before. He's my first "true" boyfriend and for the past month we've been with each other 24/7. We were glued to one another and then he had to leave. How do i deal with this? Is he going to forget about our love for each other while he's out there? I get to fly out for his graduation in 8 weeks and spend 3 or 4 days with him. He will be in basice durring his birthday, and everyone says not to send him anything on his birthday cause they will make it hard on him. What kind of gifts should i take him? I'm getting him the ipod touch with a custom made case with a picture of us on the back. How do i make the days easyer cause i've been laying in bed for days trying to read other peoples stories and i've written him letters. Should i write him everyday or will that be to much? What kind of care packages should i send him, to let him know i'm staying right here for him? What should i say in my letters to let him know i still and always will love him and i'm gonna wait on him. He's going to be gone for 2 months for basic, and right after 2 months in techschool. sorry for all the questions, i just am new at all of this.
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Oh wow!! Maybe your Airman is with mine because mine left on the 15th as well!! I totally agree with you, it has been SUPER hard sincehe's left. I got my first call last Saturday and I swear I didn't want to hang up the phone:-( I suppose we should also understand that this is also a tough process for them as well. We've gotta be strong..and with the help of this group, I'm sure we will. Stay strong :-)

My boyfriend left yesterday and that was the hardest part for his mother and I. I can't wait to get his address so I can start writing him letters. You girls seem to be doing a great job with the support! I've actually been talking with my boyfriend for the last couple hours. He told me he was at MEPS. He'll be at Lakeland Air Force ba<x>se by eleven tonight. I'm all sorts of emotions for him. Most important I can't wait to get his phone call soon. He told me he'll be able to call this Sunday. Which is still going to be week zero for him.

my boyfriend just left to bmt this past weekend too.. :/ its hard huh i have those exact thoughts as you do... theyre barely finishing week 0 but if you need any ranting to do im here for you lol im going through the EXACT same thing as you

Thank you! How are you dealing with it? Have you been writing him letters everyday? Have you recieved a phone call or letter back yet??

its hard tomorrow they get the day off and depending on his MTI he may or may have not have a chance to call or write letters i do write to him everyday but i havent sent them because i dint have his address.. i need the address for the squadron hes in... whats your bfs name?? ill ask mine if he knows him lol..and from what i heard from other girls he doessnt get to call for like 2 or 3 weeks.. and for me dealing with it i bought a journal and decorated it with pics of us and write in it every night... as if im speaking to him though.. i also cut little pieces of paper hearts and put the date on them.. i write my emotion that im feeling and put it in a jar when he comes back im planning on giving it to him so he could see how hard it is..

Hey<br />
I got a letter every week from him. and on his second sunday there i got my first call and then a call every weekend after that.<br />
but that all depends on his flight and TI.<br />
I wrote a letter every night, told him what i wore, what i did, that i missed and loved him. just random things. and i sent it every morning. he said those letters got him through.<br />
the first and last week are hard. it gets really better after getting letters and calls.<br />
Send him pictures of you but know that his TI will see them. send him quotes, song lyrics, cute stuff.<br />
only send letters, he is not allowed to get packages or gifts.<br />
graduation is great. it made it all so worth it.<br />
message me if you have any questions =)

Thank you! Is it true that at graduation, i can't give him a hug or kiss or anything? not even once?

there is no PDA but you can give him a hug and kiss when he gets tapped out thursday and friday, you can hug and kiss good bye and he can leave base friday and saturday and i would say, go to the hotel there you can be alone. its just not in public. and you can kiss and hug and hold hands in the car. so he will know what to do and what not.

Hey girl! My name is Dominique. My husband graduated BMT in December and then graduated Tech school in April. So Ive been there, done that.. but I like helping others that are going through what I went through. They are not allowed to receive gifts or care packages. Send letters everyday, color pictures, draw pictures, send poems or quotes or song lyrics, send comic strips, send pictures of yourself (not dirty!). He will be so happy to see you and you will be so happy to see him after these 9 weeks are over with, you will be his gift I promise. He will not lose love for you, this will make you grow stronger together, this will make you love one another even more. Theres no real way to make this easier, just keep yourself busy or atleast try! Laying in bed moping wolnt help.. trust me thats what I did for the entire 9 weeks lol. Tell him how you feel.. thats the only real way that he will know that you love him and how much you love him. You have to tell him :) If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)

Thank you so much! Did the time go by faster for you as the days went on? And thanks for answering my questions, i had so many that he just couldn't answer right away untill he writes me. Which he still hasn't done. How often did you get letters?

You are welcome!! Time does go faster as the days go by. The first and last week of BMT are the hardest. The first week sucks because hes just left, you feel lost, you dont know what to do or what to expect. By the second week you should have a phone call but that week will drag on (unless you keep yourself as busy as possible!). Then everything starts to sink in, you start getting letters and phone calls, and you have a routine. Then the last week is when you start in anticipate seeing him.. so that week will drag on and you will most likely get NO sleep lol. I wasnt able to go to graduation but if you are able to go, GO! I have heard that is it just incredible! Anyways Im writing you a story rather than answering your question haha sorry I tend to ramble. I got 6 AMAZING letters. His flight was bad and a lot of their free time was taken away because they couldnt work together, so he didnt get much time to write to me. But it all depends on his MTI and how his flight behaves. I have heard of women getting 1 letter, getting 10 letters, getting a few letters a week. So it just all depends. Any more questions? I lve helping as you can tell :)

Don't be sorry, i actually look forward to seeing if you wrote back to me because it feels good to be able to talk to someone else who understands what i'm going through :) And yeah i've been writing him letters everyday telling him everything i did, who i was with, and little stuff like that. I know i have 7 weeks and 4 days left untill i can see him again and it doesn't seem so bad when you put it into prospective like that. I think of it as i made it through this first horiable week and i'm hoping it only gets better! One other question, will he be deployed later? He only has a 8 year agreement with them, just basically for them to pay for college, so would he be forced to be deployed? and how long after he gets back from basic untill he does get deployed (if he did)?

Yeah make you you tell him how proud you are of him as well and how much you love him and all that, because with what they are going through they all have a moment where they want to give up but our letters keep them going. I think deployment all depends on his job. But I have not experienced deployment yet. My husband went from BMT to Tech school, and is not at his duty station (state side). But there is always that chance that his duty station could be overseas (my husband almost went to Korea). If they need him to deploy, yes that is what he will have to do because regardless of the reasons he chose the military he still has a contract with them. As for how long (if he got deployed) it would be a year if not longer. Because he has 9 weeks of BMT and then how ever long for tech then he has to go to his duty station. So just take one step at a time :)

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