An Airman's Girl

There were things I never considered, when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I never considered the crazy work hours. I never considered that -while he is only 45 minutes away- I may have to go over a week without seeing him. I never considered that the date plans we make are never guaranteed. I never considered how often I'd hear the phrase it's classified. I never considered that sometime's I can't know what he's doing at work. I never considered that there would be times that I'm not allowed to hold his hand. I never considered that the sound of a helicopter might make my heart skip a beat. I never considered that I would fall in love with an airman…

I didn't fully understand what it meant to be a military girlfriend. I didn't know the looks people might give me when I told them boyfriend was in the military or the stupid comments that sometimes follow. I didn't know all of the sacrifices I would have to make. I didn't know that some people would try and talk me out of it. I didn't know that there would be times where I would have to defend his choice to protect our country. I didn't know that I would suddenly become much more interested in the news. I didn't know that there would be times when supporting him and being strong for him would be more important than my own selfish feelings.

I always admired the women who stood behind military men. But I never could have imagined what it truly meant to be part of the "silent ranks." I do now. It means your life will never again truly be your owns. It means cherishing each and every minute I get to spend with him, because time spent together is never guaranteed. It means that a part of your heart now belongs to the U.S. Government. It means being fully prepared and ready to sacrifice everything at a moments notice. It means memorizing every curve of his face and every expression he can make, because someday the memories may be all I have to go off. It means loving in a way that is completely and totally selfless. It means being stronger and loving more deeply than I ever imagined was possible.

I am an airman's girl and I could not be happier.
bortonal bortonal
18-21, F
May 18, 2012