One Thing Im Scared About

is him writing to me or calling me telling me hes done.. that he thinks its best to be single right now.. ive read so many stories lately idk if its a sign that the guys either cheat or leave them... i hope that doesnt happen to me i hope he doesnt realize hes better off without me :'[
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I feel the same way, My airman left for Germany last niight and realizing that I recieved my last phone call before he boarded his plane would be my last until he was settled. We have Facebook and we skype regularly but not knowing when is the hardest part for me. I am terrified that he will be over there and think that its too much for me and I should move on. and leave me. I know with a strong love that anything can be overcome, its just harder the first time away.<br />
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Hey! I was concerned too if we could do it and if he would leave me or cheat on me. But we grew stronger thorugh this and he loves me even more now. Yes, there are guys cheating and leaving. but us it made stronger. you have to trust into your man and your relationship. it wont be easy. you dont know where he will get stationed. my man got stationed an ocean away from me. i live in europe, he still in the states. we hit rough patches but we work through it. so be strong for you, for him, for your relationsip. he needs you now, more than ever. ride him a lot, be there for him<br />
but important too, dont forget about you, live your life, do things with friends, for yourself. dont forget to live your life as well.<br />
if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I know how you feel. I felt that way since before my boyfriend even left to BMT. My Boyfriend is currently in week 6 and I still feel that way. Everyone says it will get easier and that you will learn to cope with him being gone, but the reality is that it will not be the same. Once he finished BMT his life will change forever. You just have to be positive and be strong for yourself, for him, and for your relationship. I actually was so depressed one day that I wrote down all of my feelings and concerns in a letter and mailed out to him. The next week i had a response asking me to please be strong for him because he was doing this for US! I'm sure if you explain to him how you are feeling it might help calm you down. The first 2 weeks are the hardest since it is limited communication. But once you receive your first phone call you will learn to get used to it a little more, even though it will always be hard. If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here. :)