Needing Some Advice And Support

I am currently missing my airman and I figured that I would try and get some advice and suppoer from others in the same situation. I have friends who understand but are not in the positions I am in.

I met Patrick almost 3 months ago and instantly fell in love with him, our relationship is what I call the Dear John, Notebook, The Lucky One kind of love. We Just instantly connected. He was home on leave when we met and we both were really not looking for this. He left to go back to where he was stationed, McConnell AFB, and we both realized that we didnt want to be without one another. I flew for the first time to see him since he left almost 2 weeks ago and we were inseperable, which made the love we have for one another grow so much stronger. We both knew that he would be leaving for Germany for 2 years and made our promises to one another. He left yesterday and I didnt realize how hard this would be. I woke up in tears because I realized I could no longer text him or hear him tell me he loved me. I know he does and I will wait for him with no problem, It is just nice to be able to talk to someone.


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I'm pretty lucky as far as the distance goes. I usually only have to go a week or two in between seeing my man, but it's still challenging. And I know there's a good chance that someday the distance will get even worse. The worst part is seeing all of my friends who get to see their boyfriends whenever they want because they live five minutes down the road and work normal 9-5 jobs (trust me it's ok to have days where you hate everyone in a "normal" relationships lol) There will be days where it's easy and days where it's hard. Letters, phone calls and skype (when possible) will be your best friend. I found that finding things to do for him to make it easier for him also made it easier for me. Like care packages, letters, emails, pictures, any thing you can think of to keep yourself positive and you'll be helping him feel better in the process. Websites like these are great to because you can meet people in your same situation which makes us all feel a little less lonely lol Please feel free to message me if you need any one to talk to!!

yes i do understand we both live seperate lives but are still living them together, i have a 4 year old son and have this to worry about here as well as him there i totally get it :) it just makes me feel better knowing i have a support group of people in similar situations

Thanks :) he called today which made me feel so much better. Ill be coming over there in a year hopefully to stay we talk about it a lot. I just don't wanna wake up one day and he decide that its too much.

well, hi, i am in the oposite situation, i live in Germany and my man in the states. we hoped he would get stationed over here but just didnt get lucky enough for that.<br />
we are doing this long distance for 21 months now and will do it for about 2-3 more years. we started out as long distance and he left for bmt when we were together for 6 months. and since then i am an AFGF and of course i never thought i would ever be one.<br />
it gets really hard sometimes. so far we always managed to see each other ever 3-5 months. he only came over once and that was before he was in the AF. I was over when we started dating, i met him in his home town, and was with him 4 times since then. it makes it all worth it. we skype or talk almost every day. so you see, it is all possible. but you have to live your own life because he has his with the AF. but that doesnt mean you cant live a life together. i hope you understand what i mean. message me if you need me or add me on FB =)

I recieved a call from Germany today :) I'm sure some on here think I'm nuts but I love him more than anything. No one knows how special a few second phone call means well you guys do.