Spending The Night In base Dorms?

My boyfriend just got to his base. It's Langley AFB in Virginia. Does anyone know if girlfriends are allowed to spend the night in their dorms?
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

officially you are NOT allowed to stay the night in his room. at my fiances ba<x>se you only get a ba<x>se pass if you have a reservation at the hotel or have someone with a house on ba<x>se sponsor you on. or the ba<x>se pass will only be like a few hours. thats how it works there.<br />
but normally noone checks the guys rooms. and if they do its during the day and then you are allowed to visit. but as far as i heard there are girls everywhere spending nights in dorm rooms. so you might just do it.

Yes i did and i was at McConnell 2 weeks ago and stayed on ba<x>se, you need to have a visitors pass and you can get that right before you enter ba<x>se :)