Things I Love About Being An Airman's Girl

I know sometimes with the challenges that go with being a military girlfriend we have a tendency to get stuck in the I miss my airman, this sucks mindset. Trust me I've been there, I'm sure we all have. So I figured I'd force myself to be positive tonight and make a list of all the amazing things that go with being an airman's girl. I got stuck at 9...anyone else have more to add to the list???

Things I LOVE about being an Airman's Girl
1. Nothing is sexier than that flight suit (or insert other uniform here)
2. The community and support from all the other military significant others =]
3. That feeling of absolute bliss after finally being able to see him after days, weeks, or months of separation
4. The intense amount of pride I feel in being able to support him
5. The way his dog tags jingle
6. Hearing the story behind every patch, coin, or medal
7. Getting to experience different parts of the country (after moving, visiting him on TDY, graduations, ect)
8. The fact that the sound of a helicopter (or airplane for some of you) now makes my heart skip a beat
9. The fact that our relationship has no choice but to grow and be stronger than any civilian relationship ever has to be
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love this! and might I contribute..<br />
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10. Making each mailman and UPS driver smile with the knowledge of the extraordinary love we share. They can see it in all the kiss-sealed letters and "I MISS YOU!" doodle-covered care packages. :)

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Only every time i see campers, I think of Nathaniel! Hes a SERE specialist. <3

I love this list. It is so important to be positive and proactive, I think. I know that my relationship has grown so much in such a short time because my airman and I truly appreciate everything we can do together now. We have to face separation and that has made us focus more on how much we need each other. I'm actually very proud of my airman and grateful that we have this chance to grow stronger as a couple. I'm very excited to say that I believe that he will propose to me soon, before he leaves for basic!