My Airman Left May 15..

Hey guys!! I am an Airman's girlfriend as well. It's encouraging to finally find a group that has the same thoughts as I do about this whole process:-) makes me feel a lot better. Has anyone's Airman left for BMT on May 15th as well?? Just curious to would be exciting to find out that someone has an Airman right there with mine.
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mine left may 15th :] hes sq 320 and if i recal flight 440 or something like that, i got my first call yesterday :]

Thanks guys!! :-)

If you go on AF Wingmoms on Facebook you can join a group that is made up of people that have significant others and loved ones in the same flight as your boyfriend! I'm still friends with the girls I met on there, and it's fun to catch up and meet them in person at graduation.

I just did it today. I'm hoping they will add me into the group for his flight soon. Thanks so much for the information:-)

They will! I'm telling you, that group got me through basic training and the same girls are helping me get through my man being at his duty station in Alaska! When you're expecting a phone call and don't get one, they'll be right there with you because the men in the same flight normally get them at the same time. Everything you go through will be gone through with at least 20 other girls that are dealing with the same thing at the same time!

Hey! My airman is already at his first duty station for 8 months but did you check the facebook group USAF Basic Military Training? Or AF Moms? There probably will be people that have men in the same flight your boyfriend is in. If you need anything, feel free to message me!