Missing Him Day By Day

I am new to this blog as well as being a military girlfriend. My boyfriend and I have been dating 11 months now, he left to BMT on June 18. Though it has only been four days, I miss him so much. I just sent out my first letter today. I'm not sure how much time he is going to have to write back, but I'm hoping to hear from him soon. The future seems to uncertain. I would like to read stories about successful military relationships. If anyone has a story they would like to share with me, bring it on! :)
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My boyfriend is in VA now he recently got moved there from BMT in Texas which he went there April 17th...The phone calls and letters are few and about a couple a week because they are so busy they barely have enough time to write.There are only allowed certain amount of time on the phone and cant text! Since my man will be in VA for the next 5-8 months he can leave ba<x>se after he passes 2 room inspections and 2 drillin type inspections and can leave friday and go back on sunday:) ! Im looking forward to spending time with thim once he is able to leave ba<x>se soon!!

Ill share my story with you :)<br />
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My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I had been dating for 7 months to the day that he left for BMT. We lived together for 4 months before he left. I wrote religiously every single day, and that is what got him though BMT and me through him being away. I wasnt able to go to his graduation but I saw him a few weeks later. Tech school was sooo much better than BMT. We finally got to talk and oovoo and all that good stuff :) Tech school graduation I got to go visit him, I was there for a week. The day before I had to leave to go home and he had to leave to go to his duty station we got married! We were with each other for 18 hours before we were in two different cabs going our separate ways. After two more months he got to come home for my graduation and our going away party. Now I am living on ba<x>se and we are waiting for our house. He leaves at 7am for PT then comes home at 8am showers gets ready and eats then leaves at 9am. Then comes home for lunch at 11am and leaves at noon. finally around 4:30pm he comes home from work. Being with him again is amazing. After going though BMT and Tech School and crying myself to sleep a lot, its now soo worth it. Just finally to be with him again is such a surreal feeling.

I love your story! So inspirational. Thank you for sharing :) Anything is possible. Your story proves that simple fact. I'm glad you two are living your happily ever after.

Thank you :) If you need anything or have any questions about Bmt, tech, duty station, or just anything.. feel free to ask :)

give it 2 weeks.. you may receive a call at any given time so keep your phone by you at all times.. i received my first call the second week on a tuesdat then every sunday

I just can't wait til Sept for his graduation! I'm hoping I get something in the mail today if not Monday. :)

yes he called and gave me his address he is in the 324th squadon.. still havent gotten any mail from him, but i got a call from him this morning

Mine called his mom and when she answered all he said was "this is rect Christian Clark were here you'll be receiving mail within 7 to 10 days w my address thanks for the love and support" and hung up. His mom called me and was so upset she was like I couldnt even tell him I love him or talk to him. Still waiting on first letter. I have the general address but don't have his platoon #

Aww that's awful :( I hope you hear from him soon! I havent received a letter or call yet, but this is only week "0" for him so it's understandable.

Did he call to give you his mailing address? Mine called at midnight the first night he arrived to tell me his address.

hey my boyfriend left june 11th.. and i have only had one call which was on the 12th at one in the morning