What's Meant To Be Will Always Find Its Way!

Hi Everyone,

I'm so happy to have found this site because all I've been doing is researching the air force like crazy! I have been with my bf for a year and half now and we have had many ups and downs but our love is strong. He is also my first love. We started off as friends and then from friendship I somehow fell in love (still can't believe how it happened!) My boyfriend and I have many differences and we argue a lot, but nothing can seem to stop us from being together...our love is powerful. Through this time together Iv'e learned what love is and have realized that what's meant to be will be. With that being said, I know that my bf being apart from me for so many months will be a challenge, but I know that if we are meant to be together then all will work out. I remember when he first had told me he was going to the air force because it was when we had just gotten back together from a 3 month break up over last summer. I was so upset he had made this decision without me, but I knew it was what he wanted to do. When he left on wednesday I was in tears as he held me and he told me he wants to be with me forever. He also mentioned about other aspirations he has while being in the air force. This scared me because I felt so uncertain about what that would do to our already difficult relationship...but all I knew was that he was the person I wanted to spend my life with. As concerned as I am about what the future holds, I know in my heart that we are meant to be.

For everyone that is going through something similar, I want you to keep this quote in mind:
"Missing someone is apart of loving them, If you're never apart, you'll never really know how Strong your LOVE is."

Quotes have always been a way for me to channel my feelings and keep me inspired!
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I love this!! Me and my boyfriend went through the same thing he was so strong for me before he left while i was crying in his arms wishing he could be with me forever.. And now i just want him to say that he loves me like you guys said but im waiting for my first letter but i love that quote and i love this we have each other :) aug. 17 cant wait hopefully i can go plane tickets are so expensive!

I was crying in my bf's arms too the night before he left. he was so strong and confident that i would be fine. i don't want to let him down. mine graduates august 24th and i really want to go as well. i thought i'd get a call today bc of the holiday...so bummed out:(

do you ever get overwhelmed if like the next six years? I guess i just have to stay in the moment but i havent gotten anything at all either so i know how you feel :( i just want a letter or a call and other couples drive me insane! It makes me miss him unbearably much but then they would never get the experience to expand their love so much so ha to them :)

YES!! i feel like the air force will take over our lives since he mentioned how ambitious he was about either becoming an officer and then pilot. I really want a letter or his address so I can send him one so that he can think of me more. Couples drive me crazy too! my brother and his gf are always around me and the cuddling and affection depresses me sometime:( I was good for like 2 days after he first called me and had a great day with family today, but i'm back to being sad again ugh

i was at the fireworks and everyone was cuddled up to their boyfriend and i just started crying my eyes out. It was hard. But you don't know what will happen you just have to go with whatever is meant. All of these divorces are going on and know all that you conquered together is really going to create an amazing love story. ;) i have my doubts and this pain is crazy but it also makea you appreciate them so much and never take anything for granted and in 6 years i will be 24 he'll be out and he always told me we'd have our coffee shop in denmark so just take one day at a time is what we both need to do. Love conquers all. :)

yes!! i agree love conquers all:)

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I love this. My boyfriend and I had a 2 month break up, so I know what you mean. Somehow we found our way back to each other...it's scary being so uncertain, but just hearing the words "I love you" reassures that everything is going to be okay!

the words "i love you" definitely make all my worries disappear. I think that's what's hardest now...not hearing him say he loves me and not being in his arms. I have been praying every night since he left for a phone call.

You will get one. Patience is key. I was stressing out the first 2 weeks, but I finally got one. Trust that he is thinking of you and probably wants to hear you say "I love you" more and more every day. Good luck!!

thanks so much!! :)

You're welcome! :)

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My boyfriend and love of my life just left for BTC on Wednesday. I write him letters everyday and even text him even though hes not allowed to his phone. My heart simply hurts he is my best friend my heart isnt the same. But your right if its meant to be it will be! Im so glad I found this site and group to learn there really are people going through something like im going through. Thank you!

I can't wait to get a letter...he promised me he'd write me. I sometimes call his phone to just hear his voice in the voicemail message bc he had made a special message just for me. missing him so much:(

I text my boyfriend, too. I wonder if they'll think we're crazy once they graduate and get their phones back haha

haha probably. when my bf called i was so emotional...crying, barely could talk. I know that I should try to sound happy and what not, but i really couldn't help it.