Engaged And Waiting.

My fiance is halfway done with basic and I can't wait till I get to see him. I get a call mostly every saturday that lasts from 5-15 min. Its getting a little easier but there are times when I am so lonley and it is very hard to plan this wedding all by myself. Anyone else have a loved one in basic training right now?
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2012

My boyfriend graduates in 13 days! Even though some days feel like they're going by so slow, it's actually gone by pretty fast. Lots of letters and pictures and make sure you have a loud ringtone and never leave your phone on vibrate! I accidentally put mine on vibrate and I looked at my phone 30 min later and had 4 missed calls from him!

Yeah its horrible, I just got a new job so I work like everyday now. Jordan graduates September 2nd so I fly down to Texas on August 29th. I cant wait to see him!

The basic training experience sucks, my man has only been gone for a week but it's torture, I know I'm strong enough to handle it but some days I wonder if I have the heart and than other days I know I am more than strong enough. My boyfriend doesn't graduate till September 28th so I have ways to go and it's been had to keep myself busy constantly.