Waiting Waiting Waiting

I'm hoping tomorrow is the day I get his letter. If not then ill have to wait until monday :( But thats okay, because ill hopefully get a call this weekend anyways :) I have to go to his house tomorrow or atleast sometime soon to pick up some things. Im scared though. Last time i went there i was overwhelmed with.emotion because I'm so used to seeing.him there & not seeing him there hurt terribly :'( what do you guys suggest for handling & coping with this type of situation??
AirmansAngel107 AirmansAngel107
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1 Response Aug 16, 2012

bring someone who can keep you on task, but who understands why you are turning in to emotional wreck when your there

His mom will be home & she understands, but from a mothers point of view lol

is there a friend of yours who would be willing to go with you? its not the same but all i can think is that its closer than a moms point of view