Bmt Graduation Was A Success..

I just got back from my 5 day stay in San Antonio, Texas. My boyfriend was at Lackland AFB. Seeing him for the first time was AMAZING. There are literally no words to describe the feelings going through my body while we held each other for the first time in 10 1/2 weeks (he was extended 2 weeks longer because of an injury during BMT). Throughout the whole summer I tried to imagine what it would be like when I finally went to see him graduate. It was far more than what I could ever expect. He is so different, in such a good way. His maturity level has risen, his physique is awsome ;), and he is so respectabe. I believe the USAF was the best decision for him and us as a couple. Now onto tech school...

He will be at Keesler AFB, Mississippi for 6-9 months. His job is combat weather, and we received great news; he gets to stay in the United States for 3 or more years. No overseas! Hopefully this doesn't change...I've already noticed the military has a way of changing from hot to cold in 2 seconds. The goodbye was harder than I thought it would be, and even now, my stomach turns just thinking about how far apart we are. I have to have faith in God that it will all turn out okay for us. We have grown to be a stronger couple and I hope as time passes on, we will only get better from here. He gets to come home for Christmas (Yay!) so I'm very excited about that, given my birthday is right around that time. If anyone has a boyfriend/fiance/husband at Keesler, PLEASE share your comments with me! I'd love to know how your men feel about the base so far. And if anyone is ahead of me, waiting time, feel free to throw in some advice and information I might need to know! :) Thanks to all for reading.
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My boyfriend is on his 2nd week at Keesler! It's really hot and humid there, but he says he can smell the ocean! He'll be home December 19th for a month then will probably have to go back for a few weeks. His job is Air Traffic Control and it is very rare that someone who does ATC have their first duty station outside the US, so he will be stationed here as well! Exciting!!!!

Yay!! I'm so happy for you. I think all of us girlfriends dread the word OVERSEAS lol. Do you know about all the phases yet? Like, when you will be able to visit?

Reading this makes me even more excited for my boyfriends graduation at the end of this month :) lol

Me too! and I have 6 weeks left to go lol

You should be!! It's a wonderful experience and your relationship will thrive off of the memories you share. :) <3

@agentkswizzle: keep strong! It is SO worth the wait.