He's Moving Across The World.

My Airman is getting stationed in Germany for two years this coming year, and he wants me to come with him. We've been dating for a year and a half and are confident that we want to marry each other, but the thought of being married soon is pretty intimidating to both of us. However, we have to be married in order for me to live with him and attend college on base. We'd be 20. Has anyone had a situation like this? What does anyone think about this situation? Would it be TOO crazy to follow him, or just crazy enough to work?
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

i'm in the same situation .... well i dont know where he would be stationed but my boyfriends wants to get married i want to but i want to finish school im stuck .

dont go if you arent ready. i wasnt ready to go with my now fiance. he is stationed in the states even though we hoped for Europe. and i live in germany and go to college here. so i just keep going to college and he is in the states and we just have a long distance relationship and visit each other. its not easy but doable and worth it when you see each other

I agree .. if u really have to question it .. Chances are you're not ready.. I can imagine how hard this must be.. But at the end of the day.. Do what your heart tells you. You can't go wrong with following your heart.

If you're questioning whether or not you should marry him, don't marry him. It would be kind of pointless to go to Germany if you didn't marry him because you probably wouldn't get to see him often. I think you should stay in America, go to college for 2 years, and when he comes back decide where to go from there.