Advice Needed, Ladies

My airman and I are engaged as of last summer! He and I have talked about when we should get married so I can go with him to his first station. He is about to graduate BMT and enters tech school October 15th. We have talked about getting married right after he graduates tech school because my parents have said they wouldn't support a courthouse wedding before he leaves tech school.

Does anyone know about the best times to get married? I desperately want to go with him when he gets his first station. I have heard if we wait until then, even if we just go to the courthouse, I still may not get to go! Eek.

He is flight 638 at Lackland. Any other ladies going out to BMT graduation October 11th? :)
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Do what makes you happy, if you love eachother and can make it work then get married, it doesn't have to be the way you make it out you can get a pretty dress and he can wear his blues and u guys can hire someone somewhere pretty to marry you guys even if u can't do the wedding. Once u get married it's a few months process for u to get an I.d and the paperwork to go through so don't wait too long if u want to go to his first station. My suggestion to u would be get married during Xmas break. They all<br />
Get a ten day leave

Thank you so much. :) I appreciate the help.

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