Sorta Stuck Now

now that my airman has graduated from bmt. i have been back and forth with myself on deciding if i want to join the air force. i have been wanting to do this since i was a kid but i never really wanted to talk to my mom about it. now she is all gung ho on me joining she is like that would get you a better job than i could ever have and you could travel the world. and my mom knows i love traveling but i love softball and thats the whole reason i havent went ahead and joined now. there is seriously nothing like college d1 softball. between talking to my best friend whom also plays softball and actually plays softball and my best friend who quit just so she could work. we have had some great conversations one is leaving for bmt in jan. and the other one is leaving after she gets medically released. and then im probably gonna go after i graduate from college. which is next december, but i wont sign anything until i finish my senior softball season which would be in june of 2014 right around the time of my 22nd birthday.

im quite nervous i have never come this far in my thinking on joining the air force. im excited also. now alls i got to do is contact a recruiter and tell him or her my situation. maybe they could help me out.
dreamin20 dreamin20
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012