Wardrobe 911

Does anyone know what would be acceptable to wear at the BMT graduation ceremony? I was thinking like a sundress with a cardigin to cover my shoulders (to make it as apporpriate as possible) does that sound too dressy? I have no idea... Help?
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Yeah there were girls in stilettos and were sinking into the grass (I was kind of laughing at that) and there's a lot of walking and waiting so I wore cute flats and sandals and sundresses the whole time because it was so unbelievably hot there (I was there 3 weeks ago) some people were super dressed up but most were casual.

The ceremony is held outside on the 'graduation grounds' which is basically a big open field surrounded by bleachers on 3 sides. I wore sundresses all weekend because it was soooooo hot. Dress comfortably, especially shoe wise. Check the weather also, you may not need the cardigan in the hot TX weather. That's not too dressy at all, especially because some people just wear t-shirts/jeans/shorts/etc. I wouldn't wear heels or anything like that because of all the walking though! If you have any other questions let me know!