Looks Like I'm Heading To Biloxi For A Visit!

In October! Already less than a month away. I'm excited. About to book my ticket and he's booking a hotel. This will probably be the only time I'll be able to visit him in tech school because of my work and school schedule. And coming from Chicago isn't cheap, no direct flights or anything! He's planned to be done with tech school around Christmas, which would be perfect!

Anyone with airmen at Keesler?

So I'm officially visiting my man in 9 days! The flight was about $400 (yikes) but whatever, gotta do what ya gotta do right?! I've been working a ton and what not. I cannot wait, I'm so freaking excited. We're going to New orleans for the weekend which will be an awesome experience because it will be the first time being able to go out with him since I've turned 21.  
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I'm from a place close to biloxi. There is so many things to do there and the weather is perfect to go hang out at the beach. I've never been on the base but my bf has. Have fun!

Haha wow that's funny I'm from Chicago too I just noticed that!! The cheapest I've found is through orbitz it's like $220 I think!

oh really? cheapest I've found from thursday-sunday (oct 11-14) is like 420-450 because there are no direct flights from Chicago! and I don't even wanna think about driving lol

Mine is, and I'm actually going to visit him around the weekend of October 19th! My birthday is the 21st so that will be fun! He will be done with tech school around Christmas too! He's doing air traffic control!

Oh that will be fun! I'm going the 11-14th :) I just turned 21 so we haven't been able to go out yet so I'm def looking forward to that. Mine is doing client systems!