My Future Airman

My airman hasn't left for basic I'm dreading when he starts. Although basic is 30 min from where I live I'm not sure I'll be able to see him. We just graduated high school together we've been together a little over 4 and a hlf yrs. since 8th grade! It's been the best four yrs of my life. I am very nervous for this new future me in college him in the air force. He hasnt even heard a for sure on what job he is going to get and its been like 2 and a hlf weeks since meps. His recruiter did call and ask if he was interested in TACP and he said he is so he is going to fort sam houston tomorrow for a physical test for it. Im new to this and lack air force knowledge any advice would be a huge help.I don't know how all of these strong women do it just thinking about him leaving i want to break down and cry but I know I have to be strong and support him because I love him. I wish there was a guide on handeling this. Just 4 yrs of seeing eachother almost everyday to months without seeing eachother scares me so much.
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It will get easier after basic and when he is done with tech school. Me and my boyfriend have also been together 4 years as of sept 11. Once he gets settled into the air force yall can then get a "game plan" together and know when yall will be able to see each etc. Just hang in there. Its going to be very stressful on yall both I will admit but he will need someone supportive in his life from basic til the end. You also will need someone support but that's what yall have each other for.

I was just in your spot. My boyfriend just left for BMT 3 days ago, and its so hard right now.. I'm not gonna lie, but i've just been doing things to keep me busy. Im a freshman in college so I have alot to do while he's gone, which helps, but at the same time, everytime my phone goes off, I think its him. but you just have to stay strong for him, its going to be just as hard on them as it is on us.
keep your chin up girl, this is going to show you how strong, you, and your relationship is! :)

Thank you so much it really does help!

Thank y'all so much I just don't want him to go. He told me today about his job and that the training for the TACP job is in like 3 diff states Texas where I live Florida and Washington. Uh sounds like. Night mare I just hope I'll be able to see him.