Does Anyone Know Any Details About Graduation?

I want to surprise my boyfriend at his graduation. i know there's a couple things about getting onto base but i'd be going with his parents and i'll be under 18 when he graduates. Also different tickets for events? he just left september 4th so i have plenty of time (i hope) but i want everything to work out.
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2 Responses Sep 15, 2012

On the FB page about the Air Force, they recommend people not to surprise the recruits because they may leave an area without seeing the people that surprised them because they had no prior knowledge of those people being there (if you got any of that). However, if he knows that his parents are already coming, he know that people will be expecting to see him and will not leave the ceremonies without stopping by. Getting on base requires a pass so you do have to have that printed out. I can't tell you how to go about getting that pass without telling him about it (my boyfriend just mailed mine to me) but I'm sure that it will all work out. Stay strong!

My guy left on September 5th...maybe our guys will have graduation at the same time! :)

the first weekend of november?

Yup. Nov 1st-4th on Lackland AFB. So far, it's costing me quite a bit. 300 for flight and I'm getting a single room for 72 a night(so about 288 total). You can message me if you wanna talk about it.