Bmt Graduation, Who's Going? :)

My boyfrend is beginning WOT 2 as of today. It's been really really hard for me lately but since he's now called twice, it's starting to become a lot easier to cope with. I love the excitement of waiting for that weekly call that could come at any time on any day. I'm even more excited that I've just booked both my flight and my hotel for graduation! I'm leaving October 31st for the graduation weekend of November 1st-November 4th. I can't wait! Only 6 more weeks! Is anyone else going down to Lackland for this graduation? I'd love to be able to talk with some other people who are sharing the same experience that I am. My airman is in 322 TRS/FLT 688. :)

Also, if you've already been to a graduation, what should I expect? Where should we bring him on Town Pass? Thanks for all the information in advance. :)
kenznjonah kenznjonah
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my boyfriends graduating the same weekend! I'm hoping to surprise him, when he left i gave him the impression there was NO WAY i was going to get there and i know me being there would be a huge surprise! my airman is in 322 TRS/FLT 687.

Aww that's too cute! But just so you know, from what I've heard, if they aren't expecting guests, they'll go off on liberty by themselves during graduation not knowing that people came to see them! And then you'll miss them for at least a whole day! And that would be devastating. So just a heads up! Maybe wait to tell him until a couple weeks before so it's still a little bit of a surprise. :) Very cool that our airmen are in the same squadron though! Go eagles! <3

I ended up telling him last week because I didn't want to run into problems of getting on base. I'm going with his parents though and he was expecting them anyway.

my boyfriend is also graduating that weekend in 322 TRS/FLT 687!! 25 days :DD i cant wait im so excited! are you ladies making signs or anything? also, i got a phone call from him today and he said theres a fb page we can join for each FLT, but i couldnt find it, he said there might be pictures!!