Leaving For Bmt

My boyfriend is leaving to BMT tomorrow and I am honestly completely heartbroken.
When we started preparing ourselves for the day he would leave I knew it would be tough but I never expected it to be this bad. He is leaving tomorrow and I know its only BMT, that he will be fine because he is ready for this but it still feels so hard knowing he wont be here. He graduates in November and if my lucky stars align and I can get everything figured out I may be able to make it. Id love to see him on that day that will only make me more proud than I already am (if thats even possible).
If I cant make it then I wont be able to see him until February. 159 days to be exact. Thats 159 days that I wont get to share with him. I know being a military girlfriend is so much different than just being a normal girlfriend because you have to be so sure of what you have to make everything work.
Im not worried about anything happening to us, I know what we have is something that we cant explain and that happened to us because it was fate but I am hurting a lot. I think of all the time I wont be able to see him and it makes me cry. Its not even an issue of getting to touch him its just missing all those little things that make me fall for him more and more. Ill miss his smile and his laugh and all the small gestures he has with me. Ill miss the emotional support we both provide for each other even though that support will still be there and we will adjust to how it will work now that he wont be here.
Im so proud of what he is doing for our country and I am so thankful for him and for the other men that fight for our safety and freedom here at home because they are so brave, I just need to figure out how to be brave here without him.
Reading about all of your experiences and all the support you have for each other helps a lot, I cant wait to keep sharing this with you all because it makes me feel like Im not alone. Thank you all for that.
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Itll fly by I thought the time away was gonna drag but now I have a little over a week until my boyfriend graduates BMT, and I hear tech school is a lot easier because communication is a lot better than BMT lol

I really do hope so! im a full time pre-med student so I have a lot to keep myself busy its just the emotional side that worries me, like I wont have him to share everything with like we do now. I heard that about tech school too, Id really appreciate hearing how that goes with you. Im so glad youre so close to graduation, I cant wait to get to that point so we can talk more.

Yeah it was hard for me to adjust to not having my boyfriend around to share everything with so every night id write him about my day and if there was something I needed to vent about I would just because we always vent to one another and in his letters to me he'd vent as well it helped a lot

That sounds like a good idea, did you send him long letters? I dont know how to do that because I dont know if I should send one long letter each week or shorter letters every couple of days. I don't want to send too many because I know he's going to be busy but I still want to keep in touch with him as much as i can.

I wrote him everyday and sometimes they were long sometimes short lol

Well i just got off the phone with him because his flight doesnt leave until later today and he said that he doesnt mind lots of letters that depending on his MTI I will get as many replies as he can send. This is all so much to process at once I really hope I start getting the hang of it soon.

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