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My bf left for BMT today and I got to talk to him before he got on his flight. I thought that would be the last time I would get to talk to him and I was okay with it.
Around 8 tonight though he sent me a txt saying he arrived at the airport, my phone was dead and I didnt even notice it (its about to die for good any day now). A little after that I am guessing he called me and left me a voicemail.
I didnt see that my phone was turned off until I checked to see if he had sent anything and then I freaked out, needless to say I saw the txt and the missed call and went into an emotional mess. He let me a voicemail saying he was okay and that he was on his way to base and that he was feeling anxious now. It breaks my heart and makes my stomach hurt so much knowing I wasnt there for him to say one last time how much I proud I am of him and that he will be okay.
I cried for over an hour but am feeling much more resigned, I hope he knows how much I miss him and that I didnt mean to miss that call. I cant wait until his parents get his address so I can send him all the letters I will start writing today and I hope I get a phone call sometime while he is there because I was so stupid not answering this one.
This is day 00, only 58 more left until graduation, I hope I can stay sane until then.
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It does get better, I promise. I missed my boyfriend's last text to me by 15 minutes! I was also a wreck. I promise he will call again soon. And start writing right now! The first week or two is the hardest because it's such an adjustment. But it does get so much easier! And set personal goals for yourself to keep yourself occupied while he's gone and stay busy. An occasional chocolate or two helps as well :)

I know it seems so weird but knowing im not the only one that this happened to feels a little better. I hope to get to hear his voice again even if its for a little because It would help get me through these weeks. I started writing last night and went out to buy some envelopes and stamps so Im ready to just send everything I have as soon as i have that address. I hear these first weeks suck, i think every week will suck but at least Ill know how to manage better. I will try my best to keep busy because even school doesnt help completely take my mind off things. As for the chocolate, thats not a bad idea at all. Thank you!

Anytime! :) The weeks really do get better after the first two. You get used to it and start adjusting. The mailman became my new best friend! What has really helped me (and what I've been living by) is that instead of thinking of how long it's been since you've seen him and each day is farther and farther away, each day brings you that much closer to seeing him! And don't worry, sometimes you just need to have a cryfest for yourself with kleenex and chocolate. It happens.

I started thinking that since we said goodbye in person 2 days before he left. I have a countdown on my phone and my computer that says days left until graduation and days left until he comes home from tech school. It helps a little to see that its not how long he has been gone but more like how close he is to being here with me. I have a feeling as soon as I send the letters im going to stalk my mailman, lol. As much as crying and just letting it out helps, coming on here and seeing that im not alone helps so much more!

You definitely aren't alone! I've probably experienced close to everything you could imagine in the past month. So if you need someone to talk to, I'm here! I check my mail twice a day. Even on Sundays. :)

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It'll be okay :) He'll call you again soon! Just know that you will see him again, it isn't forever. He'll love the letters you send so write a lot! :) Also, something fun my airman and I did- start a bucket list of things to do when you see each other again, and keep sending it back and forth with the letters.

Thank you, I really hope so. Im going to write him a letter every day so he knows everything that is happening while he is gone almost as if he was here with me. I thought about doing that but idk if it will make him miss me more, I just want to be strong and send him happy positive letters. I started writing him one page letters and on another page a quote and a memory or thought i have about us. Im hoping its comforting to him and that even though he cant write back so much I dont mind, I just want him to know ill be thinking about him every day.

that is so weird. I am doing the same with my boyfriend. I make sure to write him a page about what is going through my mind or about my day and then on the back I write a paragraph about a memory I have of us.

Hahaha thats weird, I think its a sweet way to do it though, i want the letters to be happy and cute and still remind him i care for him so much