So my airman has been gone for a month , this time next month he will be graduating , yesterday I spoke to him and before our phone call ended he said "were gettin married" I'm super excited and nervous at the same time , but I'm only 18 ,I will be 19 this December. do you guys think I'm to young to be married ? I love him wit all my heart but I jus wanna hear some opinions please
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Oh my gosh! I'm in your exact same boat! My man is graduating in 4 weeks and he's been hinting at proposing when he comes home next :) Personally, I don't think age matters if you know he's the one and you can see yourself with him 10 years down the road.

What is the date of his graduation mine graduates in four weeks two! Maybe they are in the same flight.

It's good to see tht im not alone in this situation , I'm happy and excited , i hope your airman gets to marry you too , good luck

Mines graduate oct 11

My airman graduates October 18 :)

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If it feels right in your heart than go for it!! If you guys love one another I see nothing wrong with getting married :)

Thanks a lot , it's good to get a lot of positive feedback on my future decisions