Got His Address!

Ahhhhh! I hate to be one of those overly happy people on here who have good news but I GOT HIS ADDRESS!!
He called his parents wednesday night but they were not able to get anything written down, I was so bummed and I didnt know what to do. I am part of a couple of pages on FB that help with that and I found out a way to get it! All I had to do was send some of his information and they would reply! I did it as soon as I found out last night and this morning I woke up to an e-mail with his information on it! I was so happy I was jumping around.
This truly helped with the rollercoaster of emotions I was dealing with yesterday, it reminds me my man is working his *** off in BMT and that I need to cheer up because Im lucky he is such an amazing guy!
Well Im off to class and then work, first day working where we both used to work without him there, I hope my emotions are in check.
Have a great friday everyone and stay strong!
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I did the Exact thing <3 i almost cried when i got it i had to email the RC and BOOM ! 20 minutes later i got it glad you got it .

Thank you! It helps me so much knowing those letters are closer to him now (:

` YES , my boyfriend loves it ! keep sending write about everything i even send cards :)

Do they get in trouble if you send slightly larger envelopes? i got brown 5x7 envelopes

I think they'll just check it .. since its different they wont read tho cause i jammed like 4 letters into a envelope and it looked bulky so i'm pretty sure they opened it to make sure it wasn't anything in it bad but i don't think they'll get in trouble .

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See?! :D It makes it a whole lot easier! I'm so excited for you!

Thank you so much! It really made my week and made work a lot easier to deal with as well as school!

Good! :) It can only get better from here. The goodbye was the worst part!