First Phone Call!!!

Hey everybody! Ryan was able to call me today, finally!!! He tried calling me last week but I missed the call because I had to cheer at a football game (we won which was great) but I cried like a baby when I saw my phone and realized I had missed my chance to talk to him.
But today was so great! We only got 15 minutes to talk but it was so worth it, I had so much to tell him but couldn't think of anything to say once he was finally on the phone.Tomorrow we will be half way through basic and I absolutly can't wait to see him in Texas. It was such a relief to hear his voice and make sure first hand that he was ok. He also told me that he loves me!!! Made my month! No joke.
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

I cried for an hour when I got my first call. It's the most insane rush of joy. :)