My Boyfriend Just Left For Basic Training About A Week Ago

We've been dating for almost a year and were so in love with each other. None of my friends really truly understands what I'm going through which makes it even harder to cope with. The first 3 days he was gone was a nightmare. I'd wake up in the mornings feeling like I had nothing left to live for-like I had no motivation to do anything, and I cried constantly. I even had to sleep in my parents room because of all the anxiety I was having. It felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. you just feel so alone and helpless with no one to talk to. As the days go by, ive gotten better. I'm
Beginning to laugh at the memories rather than cry and think positively instead of the negatives of him not being here. However, even when I'm calm and not crying, I still can't breathe right-like 1000 pounds has been sitting on my lungs for a week. I've sent him one letter so far and I just wrote him a second one but I can't send it until Monday. Tomorrows Sunday and I'm praying that I'll get a call from him. I just don't want to cry again from saying goodbye so much. Does anyone know how long it should take to receive a letter back? He's in Texas, I'm in fl. I miss him so much and I'm so glad I've read other peoples advice on here about decorating the envelopes. The last thing id wanna do is have him get made fun of :(
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mine left at the same time. Everything you are feeling is normal i was feeling it gets better everyday because each day is a step closer to him coming back!

I totally agree! Its gotten a lot better surprisingly. I didn't think that there was ever gonna be light at the end of the tunnel, cause it was so bad. But it's been so much easier with all the support :) what's ur boyfriends flt and squad #? I wanna find someone the same as me lol

he is in 322 TRS/ FLT 709 i havent found anyone on here yet that is the same

Aw man :(

Yea I felt the same way as well. I loss my passion for doing things and my bf called me on sunday the week after he left so he might be able to call tomorrow... :( unfortunately, I haven't received any letters. Hopefully, he wrote me one by next week.

Lucky! I'm really hoping he calls today! I'm glad u got a call though :) how long has ur bf been in basic?

He will be starting week 2 this week.

same, mine will be finished with one week on tuesday


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